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Wild Ages Wilde Eeuwen podcast

Podster acquires historical NRC podcast ‘Wilde Eeuwen’ for global adaptation

The Dutch podcast hit ‘Wilde Eeuwen’ will be added to Podster’s portfolio of historical series, ready to be adapted to new markets.
Memory Lane podcast

Realm and Podster ink license agreement for the adaptation of Pretty Little Liars author Sara Shepard thriller podcast ‘Memory Lane’ in multiple languages

Podster adds the fictitious podcast 'Memory Lane' to their expanding portfolio. The original podcast is created by Realm.
The World's Wackiest Bandits podcast
KidsPress release

Podster creates original podcast for children

Podster has created an original podcast for children, which will be available for distribution in all markets and languages.
On the trail Tracing Darkness podcast
Press releaseTrue Crime

Podster and Acast propel the global expansion of Finnish true crime podcast

Podster launches Finnish true crime show in US and UK markets. The show is called Tracing Darkness in US and On the trail in the…
RTL & Podster collaboration
Press release

Podster enters major deal with RTL Deutschland to globalise German podcasts

Podster and RTL Deutschland has entered an agreement to adapt and distribute high-quality German podcasts to a global audience.
Forhøret Liget i Skærgården podcast
NewsTrue Crime

Podster releases new season of the Danish true crime show ‘Forhøret’

Podster releases another season of the Danish true crime podcast 'Forhøret', which originates from Sweden.
De Stiefmoedermoord podcast
Press releaseTrue Crime

Danish startup Podster launches first show in the Netherlands with DPG Media

Podster will adapt the Swedish investigative podcast 'Fallet' to Dutch. The show is called 'De Stiefmoedermoord' and is distributed by DPG.
Ungewöhnliche Kriminalfälle
Press releaseTrue Crime

Brazilian true crime podcast travels to Germany with the help of Podster and Acast

Podster adapts one of the most popular Brazilian true crime shows to German. Stream 'Ungewöhnliche Kriminalfälle' on any podcast platform.
FictionPress releaseTrue Crime

Podster catches the eye of Spanish Editorial Planeta

The adaptation of the Italian podcast 'I Dossier del Mistero' will be called 'Misterios sin resolver' in Spanish. Podster, a Danish startup determined to make…
Press releaseTrue Crime

BBC Studios enters licensing agreement with Podster to adapt own podcast in new languages

Podcast cover for the show 'Killing Victoria', which will be adapted to other languages by Podster. Podster has licensed one of BBC Studios original podcasts…
Podster & Sanoma
Press releaseTrue Crime

Sanoma joins Podster on their global podcast journey

Podster cover of the Finnish podcast ‘Kuulusteluhuone’. Podster, a Danish startup, partners up with the largest media company in Finland, Sanoma Media Finland. The two…
NewsPress release

Podster launches its first Danish true crime podcast with Acast

Podster cover of the Danish podcast ‘Forhøret. 'Forhøret' is originally from Sweden and has reached more than 150,000 weekly listeners in its home market. Global…