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Podster and Naudio has signed a license agreement. The Danish podcast company will adapt four Naudio shows to international audiences.

Podster, a global podcast company, has secured a license with the esteemed Swedish content creator, Naudio. This partnership will see four distinguished historical podcasts adapted, translated and produced for international markets.

The collaboration between Naudio and Podster includes four critically acclaimed series: En värld i brand: Andra världskriget och sanningen, Plundrarna – Nazisternas konststölder, Boktjuvarna and Sovjetunionens uppgång och fall. Each has been selected for its unique approach to narrating pivotal historical events.

En värld i brand: Andra världskriget och sanningen provides a comprehensive look at World War II. The podcast stands out due to its in-depth analysis that includes expert interviews and personal anecdotes from survivors, giving listeners a multifaceted understanding of the war. Swedish journalists Anton Vretander and Tobias Norström indulge in fresh perspectives on well-known and lesser-known events as each episode delves into specific battles, key figures and transformative moments often overlooked in mainstream narratives.

Plundrarna – Nazisternas konststölder and Boktjuvarna also revolve around World War II. Plundrarna focuses on the Nazi’s systematic art theft across Europe. The Book Thieves takes the listeners back to May 10 1933 and the massive bonfires on which the Nazis burned books that they deemed to be inconsistent with their ideology. Both are miniseries consisting of three episodes. Award-winning journalist and author Anders Rydell is the creator and host of Plundrarna and Boktjuvarna.

The fourth title that Podster and Naudio has agreed upon is Sovjetunionens uppgång och fall. This show provides listeners with a compelling insight into the complex political, social and economic landscape of the Soviet Union. Sovjetunionens uppgång och fall is known for its ability to connect historical events to contemporary issues and for its thorough research by creators Tobias Norström and Anton Vretander.

Ready for global adaptation

All four podcasts enrich the understanding of important historical events. Both companies are eager to make them accessible to a global audience, transcending the limitations imposed by language barriers. The adaptation process will involve careful consideration of cultural nuances to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the historical content while making it relatable to various audiences.

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Amanda Lee Edelstein

Amanda Lee Edelstein is the Global Project Manager and Media Contact at Podster (