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Podster creates podcasts in multiple languages. Since all our podcasts are script-based, we are in search of skilled translators, who can translate, review and edit our podcast manuscripts so they maintain their quality, when translated to other languages.

Your qualifications

Since you will play a crucial role in making our podcast content available to a global audience as a translator at Podster, we have some requirements. We expect that you:

  • Are a native speaker of the target language
  • Are proficient in English
  • Hold strong communication and linguistic skills
  • Understand the importance of cultural awareness
  • Give attention to detail and accuracy
  • Have a passion for storytelling and audio content

If you are interested in joining Podster as a freelance translator, please submit your CV and application to

How we work

1) Master script
Podster creates a master script based on the local content creator’s original manuscript. All master scripts are in English.

2) AI translation
We use an automated translation tool to translate the master scripts into the target language.

3) Proofreading & review
AI translation can help expedite the initial translation process but may not always capture nuances and context accurately. Therefore, our translator will receive an AI translated script, which they will proofread, review and edit.

4) Finished local script
Once our translator completes the editing, our in-house editor gives their approval. Then we have a localised script ready for delivery to a local voice actor or producer for recording.