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The World's Most Embarrassing Dad

Cover art for ‘The World’s Most Embarrassing Father’. The original title is ‘Verdens pinligste far’ and the podcast originates from Denmark.

In a move that underscores Podster’s commitment to diversifying and enriching its content offerings, the podcast company licences the Danish children’s podcast ‘Verdens pinligste far’. The podcast is set to receive a global audience through Podster’s adaptation initiatives.

Verdens pinligste far, which directly translates to ‘The world’s most embarrassing father’, is a delightful series that has captured the hearts of families across Denmark. With its humorous and quirky tales of a dad who always lands himself in awkward situations, it entertains kids and parents alike. 

In every episode of Verdens pinligste far, the family embarks on new everyday adventures. Whether they are housesitting, going on a fishing trip, purchasing a trampoline or experiencing their first ski outing, the series delves into themes of family and the joy found in life’s simple moments, all amidst the backdrop of the father’s uniquely embarrassing antics.

The most popular children’s podcast in Denmark

Verdens pinligste far is created by Simon Lund Larsen, who draws on his own experiences as a family father. This has proven a good idea since the podcast is praised for its engaging storytelling and relatable humour. With high ratings, a well of positive reviews and a place in the top 10 in Denmark in the category Kids & Family, Verdens pinligste far clearly has a widespread appeal among Danish listeners.

Podster plans to adapt Verdens pinligste far for a global audience, with translations and localizations that preserve the charm and humour of the original while making it accessible to listeners worldwide. This approach mirrors Podster’s successful adaptation of other international content.

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Amanda Lee Edelstein

Amanda Lee Edelstein is the Global Project Manager and Media Contact at Podster (