Get an insight into hate and horrific crimes against women in Finland.

Unresolved provides a deep dive into three criminal cases, where hate against women is the common denominator. The podcast originates from Finland. All three cases investigated in the podcast shook the Finnish people and made women feel unsafe.

To get an understanding of the cases and what impact they had, each case will be unfolded through multiple episodes. Throughout the show, the listener will come to understand all aspects of the murders of Susanne Lindholm, Helena Jämiäluo and Elli Immo. But there is no focus on the trials or any form of closure since these cases remain unsolved to this day.

Unresolved is a short series consisting of 8 episodes. It was created by author Elina Backman and paramedic Heidi Holmavuo, originally as an audiobook series, which has now been adapted to a podcast.