Nordic Criminal Cases podcast

In-depth reporting on the most significant crimes of our era.

Discover the successful podcast Nordic Criminal Cases, created by the Swedish media outlet Aftonbladet. Aftonbladet is also the creative force behind the remarkable podcast #Fallet, known as Guilty in the Podster catalogue.

Step into the world of investigative journalism with award-winning journalist Anders Johansson, who takes a deep dive into current crimes as well as unravels the captivating narratives of unsolved cases from the past. Each case featured in Nordic Criminal Cases is approached with the highest standards of journalistic excellence.

Listen to the harrowing tale of the attempted murder of a Chechen blogger, who shared the attack on Twitter, the pervasive presence of 52 criminal networks terrorising the streets of Stockholm, the intriguing world of drug smuggling across Øresund and more.

As one of the top podcasts in its home market and a recurring format, Nordic Criminal Cases offers a wealth of excellent episodes.