A podcast series for children with a curious nature.

Podster’s children’s podcast Science makes it fun to learn new things. In each episode, a phenomenon, animal, part of the body, thing etc. is explained in a way to captivate and intrigue young minds. So, all the young listeners must do to become smarter is to listen.

The episodes are approximately 15 to 25 minutes long. This makes the episodes of Science perfect for a bedtime story or a small break during the day. Listeners will learn everything there is to know about robots, farts, the solar system, dinosaurs, hiccups and much more.

Science is another podcast series created by Sleep Tight Media. Just like Sleep Stories and Relax, which are also in the Podster catalogue, this podcast is ideal for kids of all ages. However, adults can also enjoy and learn from this podcast series. It is the perfect addition to an audio universe for children.