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Memory Lane podcast

Podster cover for the suspenseful podcast ‘Memory Lane’ about implanted memories.

Podster adds another fictional podcast series to their expanding portfolio. The Danish audio pioneer has signed a license agreement with award-winning audio entertainment company Realm, paving the way for the adaptation of the riveting thriller ‘Memory Lane’ in multiple languages.

Podster’s decision to partner with Realm for the adaptation of Memory Lane in the German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Italian language reflects the podcast’s extraordinary appeal and potential. Realm, a leading American independent studio and global podcast network, is renowned for its expertise in producing award-winning audio entertainment, including top-charting podcasts, audiobook series and TV series continuations in audio format. Molly Barton, Realm CEO and Co-founder said, “When we released this Realm Original audio thriller Memory Lane, featuring Sara Shepard’s masterful gripping storytelling, it went to #1 on the US fiction charts. We are very happy to partner with Podster to bring the series to new listeners worldwide in multiple languages.”

Written by acclaimed author Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars ,The Lying Game) and Ellen Goodlett, Memory Lane creates a world that keeps listeners on edge, amplified by Realm’s immersive audio design. The story follows the troubled mother-daughter duo Cassie and Alex Bryant as they undergo a perilous study on implanted memories, risking everything to unravel the mysteries that shroud Alex’s very existence. As Alex relives Cassie’s memories, the pair is propelled into a world of suspense, danger and hidden truths. It becomes unclear who they can trust. And if they can trust each other.

Throughout the series, listeners are taken on a psychological journey as Alex and Cassie find themselves on the run, not just from external threats but from the very recesses of their own minds. The duo try to navigate through the deception to unveil the truth lying just beneath the surface. The show promises listeners a thrilling audio experience that transcends boundaries, immersing them in the mysterious and suspenseful world.

Discover more about Memory Lane under ‘Our Shows’. Get in touch if you want to bring this mesmerizing thriller to your market.

Amanda Lee Edelstein

Amanda Lee Edelstein is the Global Project Manager and Media Contact at Podster (