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On the trail Tracing Darkness podcast

Covers for the two true crime shows to be released by Podster; ‘Tracing Darkness’ and ‘On the trail’.

The Finnish true crime podcast ‘Jäljillä’ is set to captivate audiences in the US and UK, thanks to a strategic collaboration between Danish podcast publishing company Podster and global podcasting platform Acast. In November, a localised adaptation of the Finnish show will launch in each respective market.

Since June 2023, Podster and Acast have partnered to globally expand shows from Podster’s catalogue. Podster excels in adapting local podcasts for international audiences, while Acast handles distribution and monetization. The collaboration unlocks new audiences and revenue potential in multiple markets.

Podster and Acast successfully launched Forhøret in Denmark and Ungewöhnliche Kriminalfälle in Germany, both within the true crime genre. These shows received positive responses from their respective audiences. Now, Podster is ready to launch a true crime podcast in the US and UK markets, which will be unique adaptations of the same show, showcasing Podster’s commitment to tailoring content for diverse audiences.

The adapted show originates from Finland and is created by Tilda Laaksonen. It has more than 130.000 weekly listeners. The true crime series, which will be called On the Trail in the UK and Tracing Darkness in the US, offers a compelling exploration of murders, unsolved mysteries, and exceptional events from around the world. Listen to episodes about Casey Maria Anthony, who was accused of killing her own child, the murder of billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman, the eerie tale of the Circleville letters and more.

Unique adaptations ensure high quality

Podster’s CEO and co-founder, Henriette Høj Gharib, states, “We are very excited to launch our first shows in the US and UK markets. Building on our successful releases in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands, this expansion is a logical progression. We look forward to the listeners’ responses to the adaptations, which we have made with respect for each country’s culture”.

Veronika Taylor, SVP of Acast Creator Network says, “The expansion of Podster’s On The Trail/Tracing Darkness show into UK and US shows the true power of a global podcast, and is testament to the incredible storytelling and production that Podster have become known for. We look forward to helping them broaden the audience and grow the show even further”.

Podster has collaborated with talented voice actors for this production. In the US, the show will be hosted by the experienced podcast host, Lanie Hobbs, renowned for her work on True Crime cases with Lanie and Crimes of Passion. Meanwhile, in the UK, the show will be led by the accomplished actor, Ally Murphy.

Both Tracing Darkness and On the trail will consist of 12 episodes. The shows are set to premiere simultaneously in both markets on November 9. On the release date, two episodes will be available, followed by a weekly release of new episodes.

About Podster & Acast

Podster is an audio production company based in Denmark. Podster’s goal is to introduce the most popular podcasts to new markets by localising amazing podcasts from all over the world and reproduce them to new languages.

Since 2014, Acast has been creating the world’s most valuable podcast marketplace, building the technology which connects podcast creators, advertisers and listeners. Its marketplace spans 100,000 podcasts, 2,300 advertisers and 430 million monthly listens. Crucially, those listens are monetized wherever they happen – across any podcasting app or other listening platform. The company operates worldwide and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Acast is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (ACAST.ST).

Amanda Lee Edelstein

Amanda Lee Edelstein is the Global Project Manager and Media Contact at Podster (