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Forhøret Liget i Skærgården podcast

Cover art for the second season of Podster’s Danish podcast ‘Forhøret’. This season is called ‘Liget i Skærgården’ and unravels a murder in Karlskrona.

The Danish startup Podster released the first season of the true crime podcast ‘Forhøret’ in June. It was well-received by Danish podcast listeners, and as a result, Podster is now releasing the second season in collaboration with Acast. You can listen to new episodes of ‘Forhøret’ on all major podcast platforms on Friday, October 13th.

Podster is back with a new criminal case in the second season of Forhøret. The podcast provides insight into police investigations by having actors reenact the dialogue from real police interrogations. Forhøret has been adapted from Swedish to Danish and is produced by Podster. The original production was created by Novel Studios.

The second season revolves around the disappearance of 75-year-old Mikael Petersson, who went missing in Karlskrona in July 2020. The Karlskrona Police Department interrogates Mikael Petersson’s son, Anatoliy, as well as his boyfriend Leonard in an attempt to determine what happened to Mikael. The investigators soon realize that the case is much more gruesome than they initially thought. 

The true crime series reached 8th on the Danish top 10 of true crime podcasts according to Chartable. Podster hopes that the new season can attract even more listeners.

The new season of Forhøret consists of 7 episodes. The first two episodes will be available on Friday the 13th, followed by a new episode every Friday in the weeks to come. So, if you’re looking for a compelling true-crime show to listen to this fall, you can start with Forhøret.

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