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De Stiefmoedermoord podcast

Podster cover of the Dutch podcast De Stiefmoedermoord.

The Danish startup Podster specialises in globalising local, successful podcasts. This time, the innovative company partners up with local production company Airborne to adapt the Swedish crime investigation podcast “#Fallet”. The adaption will air September 20 through DPG Media; the largest media company in the Netherlands.

In 1986, 15-year-old Samir was sentenced to psychiatric treatment after being charged with murdering his stepmother. Samir confessed to stabbing her several times. 1,5 years after the conviction, Samir retracted his confession and said it was his father who did it. Was he really innocent?

This investigative podcast was originally created by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. Swedish journalist Anders Johansson set out on a journey to find out if Samir was indeed innocent. And if so, who actually murdered his stepmother. The show reached millions of listeners in its home market as the episodes unravel new findings through interviews and investigative journalism.

Fallet is a remarkable story, which deserves to be told all around the world – not just in Sweden”, states CEO and co-founder of Podster, Henriette Høj Gharib. “We are really excited to kick-start our first Dutch launch with Airborne, since they have done an amazing job in casting and adapting this spectacular show”.

The Dutch adaptation is called De Stiefmoedermoord and consists of 12 episodes. It will be possible to listen to the first two episodes on various podcast platforms. However, the rest of the series is only available to Algemeen Dagblad-subscribers.

Daan Hofstee, of DPG, of which Algemeen Dagblad is a part, comments, “Audio and podcasts are now an indispensable pillar within our editorial strategy. By localising internationally successful podcasts, we can expand our editorial offering faster with high-quality productions. For us, this cooperation with Podster and Airborne is therefore a very interesting experiment.”

The parties expect that this production will be the first of many and have joined forces on both the sales and production side.

About Podster, DPG & Airborne

Podster is a podcast company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Their goal is to introduce best-selling podcasts to new markets by locating amazing podcasts from all over the world and reproduce them to other languages.

DPG Media Group is a cross-media company with roots in the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. DPG Media works with a variety of media outlets, including newspapers, radio, television and podcasts.

Airborne is an award-winning podcast production company based in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2018. Airborne creates content on behalf of customers as well as producing original podcasts.

Amanda Lee Edelstein

Amanda Lee Edelstein is the Global Project Manager and Media Contact at Podster (