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Kuulusteluhuone podcast

Podster cover of the Finnish podcast ‘Kuulusteluhuone’.

Podster, a Danish startup, partners up with the largest media company in Finland, Sanoma Media Finland. The two companies will join forces in order to improve the sound experience for Finnish podcast listeners.

The collaboration between Podster and Sanoma Media Finland is great news for everyone who spends time listening to true crime. The two parties have agreed upon producing Förhörsrummet – a podcast that recreates authentical police interrogations. Förhörsrummet originates from Sweden, where more than 100,000 listeners tune in every week.

For the moment, Podster will adapt and produce 11 episodes of Förhörsrummet into Finnish with the help of local creators. The show is scheduled to be available on Sanoma Media Finland’s streaming service Supla. Supla is one of the most popular podcast services in Finland.

The agreement between Podster and Sanoma Media Finland could be categorized as the beginning of a new era, since Podster is the first international sound supplier for the leading Finnish media company.

“We are very excited, and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with the largest media company in Finland,” comments the CEO of Podster, Henriette Høj Gharib. She adds, “Förhörsrummet is definitely proof that a well-written and well-produced podcast have the capability to travel across borders. We are thrilled to have taken another step toward making best-selling podcasts available in other languages”.

Head of Content at Sanoma Media Finland, Jenni Kangasniemi, states: “We were impressed with Podster’s innovative and ground-breaking concept right from the start. We believe that their ideas regarding making content available in multiple languages will change the way we think and handle podcast productions in the future”.

Jenni Kangasniemi continues, “We have great confidence in the quality of Podster shows and productions. The Danish company has a great understanding of the source material and what it takes to make that particular production work in the target language. We are looking forward to making Förhörsrummet available and cannot wait to hear what our subscribers think of the true crime show”.

About the companies

Podster is a podcast company based in Denmark. Their goal is to introduce best-selling podcasts to new markets by locating amazing podcasts from all over the world and reproduce them to other languages.

Sanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish cross-media company. They own a variety of media outlets in Finland, including one of the most popular podcast services: Supla.

Amanda Lee Edelstein

Amanda Lee Edelstein is the Global Project Manager and Media Contact at Podster (