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Podster is a Danish startup founded in 2022 by Henriette Høj Gharib, Klavs Vejlang, Lars Peter Ilsø Larsen, and Erik Hougaard.

The Podster team is passionate about audio and podcast production. We believe that great content has the power to transcend borders – and should do so!

We have a wide experience in streaming, content creation, and audio, as well as a commitment to excellence.

The visionaries behind Podster: Lars Peter Ilsø Larsen, Erik Hougaard, Henriette Høj Gharib and Klavs Vejlang.

The Podster team, summer 2022.


At Podster, we value personal connections with our creators and partners. We care about the people behind the podcasts and are dedicated to supporting them.

Our mission is to create a connection between creators and distributors, and introduce best-selling podcasts to new markets. We accomplish this by locating amazing podcasts from all over the world, acquire intellectual property rights for them, and then reproduce the content to other languages.

From language adaption to audio design and distribution, we handle all aspects of bringing best-selling content to new market and audiences.